Parts of Medicare

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Parts of Medicare

It is important to keep your clients updated and informed on all parts of Medicare. Having this valuable information and being a knowledgeable resource will help you create better relationships with your clients and help them find the best coverage possible. 

As a senior who is still new to Medicare, it’s important to work with someone who you can trust to provide you with the information you need so you can make the best decisions on your healthcare coverage. With Real Senior Management, you’ll be able to find that trust with our agents!

Now, let’s go over the 4 essential parts of Medicare:

• Part A

• Part B

• Part C

• Part D

Here is what each part provides. 

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A covers all the inpatient and hospital expenses when an individual is admitted to the hospital. Part A offers numerous benefits for services like:
• Hospital care
• Limited home health care services
• Skilled nursing facility care
• Limited nursing home care
• Home health care

Medicare Part B

Part B of Medicare covers all outpatient and doctors, consultants, and preventive health care services, including yearly doctor visits and some tests.

Most people often opt for Part A and Part B together to get the most out of their Medicare coverage. This helps them cover both their inpatient and outpatient costs. With Part A and B together, beneficiaries can get what is called Original Medicare.

Medicare Part C

Part C of Medicare is called Medicare Advantage. Part C includes the same benefits as Part A and Part B with additional benefits like prescription drug coverage, dental, hearing, vision, and more. However, you can only get Part C if you’re already enrolled in Original Medicare.

Medicare Part D

Part D of Medicare provides coverage for prescription drugs. It also covers the prescription drugs that are not covered by Part B, and covers any kind of prescription drugs that need to be administered by doctors – such as injections or infusions.

Part D is optional, but people often prefer to get it to cover their medication expenses.

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